A tale of failure and passion..

Take a look at the main steps towards today!

First steps

In 2012, at the early age of 13, the studio's founder Cristiano started his way in game development, using Unity engine to make the first little games and learn how it worked. Two years later, after a couple of dumb games made, he started High School where he would start to study ICT. Years passing, he managed to actually understand stuff about game development.

Three serious ones

During the High School days he worked on three games, which are (from left to right) Life Dream, Life Dream 2 and T a k e Y o u r T i m e . These three projects had some small success that was however huge compared to those of the first little games he made. Take Your Time has today almost 3000 downloads and 8000+ views on itch.io, togheter with few users' feedbacks and comments on Steam Greenlight. The project was later abandoned, but it still is the biggest game in terms of success for the studio.

From now to future

In 2018, after a 1-year break from game development, he finally managed to graduate High School and get some free time, so he started this indie team called Space Banana Studio . The team is now working on Vinylove and is headed towards a future of games, new collaborations and maybe (we really hope) the foundation of a real company with real co-workers in the real market. The lead developer is starting University in few months: could that be the ideal place to build work connections? We'll see...